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What is Eleotin� Bentley? Eleotin, the world�s only non-invasive normalizing treatment for diabetes, is ready to make a full-fledged inroad into the Chinese market with a new popular version, Eleotin Bentley, which has been granted a full approval from the Chinese FDA. Eleotin Bentley reinforced the general health promotion, while Eleotin�s long-term blood glucose normalization effects are maintained. In short, it is a general health booster, natural diabetes prevention and cure all in one. It is fast, powerful and 100% safe. Recently diagnosed mildly diabetic patients can expect normalization as well as general health promotion with Eleotin Bentley. Serious diabetics are still recommended to consume Eleotin Gold Capsule or Platinum Tea. For non diabetic people, Eleotin Bentley will boost immune system, reduce fatigue and prevent such metabolic disorders as diabetes and hypertension.  New product name Bentley came from the Chinese �???,�,�special vigor that flows through the entire body,� signifying a systematic recuperation of general health. - Capsule Form - 1 bottle consists of 1 month supply - 90 Capsules total (1 in the Morning, 1 in the Afternoon, and 1 at Night) DIRECTIONS Take three capsules a day to be combined with other ELEOTIN formula. Usual dosage would be: With Breakfast: 1 capsule of Eleotin� Bentley Between Lunch and Supper: 1 capsule of Eleotin� Bentley At Bedtime: 1 capsule of Eleotin� Bentley

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