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Recommended for: Pre-diabetic, Hypoglycemic, Mild to Moderate Diabetic and people who prefers to use capsules than the tea. Eleotin� is good for everybody whether one has diabetes or not. It is a good, safe, health promoting product. Since Eleotin� was designed for diabetics in mind by the world's leading diabetes experts, diabetic patients receive additional health benefits than people without diabetes (explained in detail later) because they are in most need of the support that Eleotin� provides. The components of Eleotin� make it an excellent health food for everyone. It increases the body's own ability to purify or cleanse impurities through urination. This cleansing function also leads to the strengthening of a person's immune system. "Cleansing" is a normal and natural mode of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Eleotin� assists in the digestive process by providing natural substances that restore the balance among digestive enzymes. It is also an excellent source of high quality fiber and provides essential nutrients to a person's pancreas. Directions: Morning Formula : Should be taken before or with breakfast as it helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels after a meal. It works by increasing insulin production from the pancreas and delaying the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose. It is also a good source of natural fiber. The morning formula also contains substances that help the digestion. Afternoon Formula : Should be taken between lunch and supper time on an empty stomach. It improves the health of insulin receptors so that glucose is more efficiently absorbed into muscle or liver cells. This reduces blood glucose levels and allows cells to properly burn this energy. This formula also cleanses the blood system through diuresis or urination. It assists many areas of the body especially the functioning of the kidneys. This is only logical since the kidneys are the body's blood filtration system. So if the glucose levels in the blood system are improved, the strain on the kidneys is decreased. The diuretic function does not cause low blood pressure and helps people with hypertension problems. Night Formula : Should be taken 1 hour before bedtime. It provides essential nutrients that strengthen the pancreas. It results in a long:term benefit resulting from these rich nutrients. The lack of these essential nutrients has been known to permanently damage various parts of a person's body. Also, these nutrients help the individual to sleep better by providing analgesic (painkilling) help to those aching and tingling nerve senses all over the body. This is especially important to individuals who have serious neuropathy. Economics of Ordering This Product: Are you sure you are ordering the right product? 1) If you are starting a treatment for your diabetes, one month is never a long enough period of time. The treatment will take at least 4 months. If you order 3 months, you will get one month's product free, also, save on shipping costs. 2) If you are not yet ready to make a long term commitment for 4 month treatment and try just one month to see how it works, you may be better off by ordering Eleotin� Bentley which is just $30 whose effects are quicker to surface than this product. Or, you may be better off trying Eleotin� M tea, which is even quicker. In other words, there are cheaper and quicker ways to see whether Eleotin� Products would really work for you. 3) This product was meant to be a part of a long term (slow) treatment. It was never meant to be a stand alone product. 4) Eleotin� Bentley and Eleotin� M Tea are treamendously beneficial and 100% safe products for diabetic patients, as well as general non-diabetic general public. You will exerience a quick improvement in general health as well as your diabetic conditions.

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