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Eleotin Mb Concentrated Capsules works in a slow gradual manner because it attacks the very heart of the metabolic imbalance that exists for overweight people. Although the weight loss is gradual and consistent once it starts, people have indicated that this weight loss is more permanent in nature. It helps lose fats in areas that you don't want them and maintain the weight loss instead of gaining the weight back right away. This is due to improvement of insulin usage done by this formula. Afternoon Formula (cleansing) : This formula cleanses the blood system by removing dead cells and fats through diuresis. It will also help remove toxins or "garbage" in your system twice as much. Night Formula (repair) : This formula will assist in restoring any nutritional imbalances that a person may have. It is best to be taken before bed time where natural repair stage of our body takes place. DIRECTIONS Between Lunch and Supper: 2 capsules of the Afternoon formula At Bedtime: 1 capsule of the Night Formula If you are: A person wishing to loses 10 to 30 pounds recommended to use for 4 to 6 months A person wishing to loses 30 to 50 pounds recommended to use for 6 to 8 months A person wishing to loses more than 50 pounds can expect to achieve result in 8 to 12 months In our experience, some of our previous customers had not taken ELEOTIN consistently and therefore were unable to see successful results. It is important to take ELEOTIN consistently, and to avoid stopping before experiencing its full effects. If you are above average in weight, the effects may take even longer to appear. Results also depend on your age, present health, life style and body size. Naturally, diet and exercise contribute to the effectiveness of ELEOTIN.

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