RevGenetics M98: Micronized Resveratrol Bulk Powder - 25 Grams O  M98-25


RevGenetics M98: Micronized Resveratrol Bulk Powder - 25 Grams Of Pure Super Micronized Bulk Powder

       - TrueMicronized™. Dry Super Micronized Resveratrol Bulk Powder With Up To 2x (220%) The Absorption Over Standard Resveratrol. It is estimated to be up to *300% or more effective when mixed into a liquid, tonic or emulsifier!
       - Pure. Contains no additives of any kind, this is pure super micronized trans-resveratrol powder with a scoop. Purity of resveratrol is rated between 98% and 99.9%  
       - We Use An EU Organic Ingredient. This Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract (Standardized to High Purity Resveratrol) Used By RevGenetics in this product is an EU Organic Certified Produced Ingredient.  
       - Naturally High Absorption. The chart shows that Micronized Resveratrol naturally provides more than twice the absorption of regular resveratrol, all without non natural additives like HPMC/DOSS or Tween. The chart is compiled from study from USPTO Document #20060292099. The absorption study was made public by Westphal, the CEO of Sirtris, for Sirtris resveratrol. We are only interested in the absorption studies, and are not infringing on any patent claims as we only sell an herbal trans-resveratrol extract emulsified in our formulation and not a drug. .   
       - Activates More Than You Think. RevGenetics Resveratrol Has Been Lab Tested To Activate Many Genes Such As SIRT1, SIRT2, SIRT4, SIRT5, Fox01, P53 And Many Others. While 1 scoop (about 300mg) maybe enough for many, we suggest taking no more than 500mg per every 50 lbs of your body weight in a shake.  
       - High Quality To Activate SIRT1. Made with RevGenetics high quality Resveratrol. The only quality of commercial resveratrol proven by Biomol to activate SIRT1 (link).

Pharmaceutical Grade - EU Organic Certified Ingredient Micronized Resveratrol - M98 Bulk Resveratrol - Bulk Powder - 25 Grams Per Container - 300 mg Pure Micronized Trans-Resveratrol Per Serving. We Suggest You buy 4 or More Containers Today. It Takes A While To Restock This Great Product When We Run Out. Take Advantage Of The Great Product While Supplies Last! Estimated to be up to *220% or more effective than regular resveratrol when taken dry. Estimated to be up to *300% or more effective when mixed into a liquid, tonic or emulsifier! Typical liquids and emulsifiers for tonics include: Lecithins, palm oils, rapeseed oils, soy bean oils, sunflower oils. Some folks use chocolate, HPMC, and chemists use tween 80 which tastes pretty bad but has good results. We also recommend mixing the micronized powder in a whey protein isolate shake, as it binds to the Beta-lactoglobulin protein in whey and this increases it's solubility. You can add your own fruits, powder supplements or veggies to make your ultimate dietary supplement drink. How long will this last? We supply a small scoop with your order. If you take 1 small scoop a day (about 300mg) in your liquid tonic or shake. This powder will last you about 83 Days (almost 3 months). That comes out to $0.90 a day. The following mentions research done in animals and in labs. We do not claim our products will act in a similar fashion in regular people. As a dietary supplement company, we only present the information for your consideration. Resveratrol Benefits: Resveratrol is regarded as one of the best supplements in the world for it's anti-aging benefits at a cellular level by activating genes which repair and support cell functions. This gene activation provides many support for better sleep, more energy, lower sugar, and weight management benefits. Resveratrol itself is an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and mitochondria boosting agent which in studies has shown mice increase muscle mass, tone, and endurance and keep their mental functions, skin, tone and muscles healthy during the course of their full lifetime. We believe resveratrol supports these benefits for people as well. Will this make me live longer? People don't want to simply live longer, they want to stay strong as they age. We believe Resveratrol holds the promise of keeping your energy and strength throughout your long healthy life. Try our high purity Resveratrol today.

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